martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Other Blogs

Hi people!! In this occasion I am going to talk about the blogs that I visited…

I visited this blogs:


In conclusion… those blogs are great, excellent, creative and interesting, because they talked about their life, family, talents and friends. I enjoyed it a lot!!!

My opinion

Well I´m going to talk about my opinion to the english class: level 2

I think that the class were very good!! Because I learned a lot of about new cultures, part of my body, foods, sports, talents, abilities and a lot of more things!!

Theacher Doris is too creative to teach English!!, because she uses plays and tecnology to make the class more interesting for us!!

I hope to learn more english (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation) in the next levels!! Until How to speak English very well!!

.. and you?? do you have interesting English class?? what is your teacher like?? i´m going to wait for your comment!!

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007


Hello!!! In this composition I am going to talk about Pope John Paul II

I hope you like and enjoy this!!!


 He was born in wadowice, Poland in 10920.
 He studied for the priesthood at an underground seminary in Krakow during World War II and was ordained in 1946.
 He earned a doctorate in Philosophy in Rome (1948) and returned home to serve in a parish, earning a second doctorate (also 1948), in Sacred Theology, from the Jagiellonian University.
 Karol Wojtyla was elected pope on October 1978.
 In 1981, John Paul was shot in St. Peter’s Square by a Turkish gunman, but he recovered, resumed his work, and forgave his would-be assassin.
 His nonviolent activism spurred movements that contributed to the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.
 In 1998 he marked his 20th year as a pope, making him the longest-serving pontiff of the 20th century.
 On February 2005, John Paul II had a tracheotomy after being taken to the hospital with breathing troubles.
 He received the last rites of the church on March 31 2005, after suffering what church officials called “Septic shock and a cardio-circulatory collapse” brought on by a urinary tract infection.
 He died in his apartment at the Vatican on April 2 2005

Well…. What do you think about Pope John Paul II??? Please write me a comment

A little about my life!!!

Hello!!! In this composition I am going to talk about some things of my life…


 Born in Venezuela in 1989
 Student of the 2nd semester at URBE. Major: Accounting.
 Student at CEVEAZ. Level sixth.
 Former Volleyball player at high school and member of the Female Zulia Volleyball selection
 High School Volleyball Champion. Over 20 medals won from 2000 to 2005.
 Former high school cheerleader.

Well… What about you??? Where were you born?? What do you do?? What is your major??

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

The map

The new year in China

Hello… in this occasion I talked about the NEW YEAR IN CHINA….
I talked about their origin and activities…

This is the composition…


China is a country in Asia. The New Year in here is special. It starts in January or February and length about 15 days.

The origin of the festival can be traced thousand years ago, of a series of colorful legends, but the better known was “THE NIEN”. It was on extremely cruel and furious beast. In order to maintain the Nien away signs in red paper in the doors are stuck, it was illuminated with torches and firedrakes.

In personal celebrations married girls come to her home with her parents, the just married girls come with her husband and give presents to the family.

The like it because, they share with their family and friends, and visits too.

The people use figures of their gods on the doors to maintain the ghosts and monsters far. The people spend money to buy clothes, food and gifts. The new clothes are red, and give red envelopes with money inside. The people before the celebration begin to clean their houses to get rid of all the bad luck.

The food is an important part. They eat fish, chicken and Jiao.

This celebration isn’t traditional here.

Well.. what do you think about this Chinese’s celebration???

Good weekend

Hello… in this lesson we talked about our last weekend and what did we do???

In my composition I am to talk about what I did in the past weekend!!!

On Friday, when I finish the class at night, I went out with my friends. We went to a restaurant and ate a terrific Italian food. Then I got home.

On Saturday in the morning, I went to the Gym and I did a lot of exercises with my friends. In the afternoon, I stayed home with my Mom and my niece. At night, I went to a restaurant with my family, and we ate a lot ice cream.

On Sunday, I studied in the afternoon and at night I went to the church!!!

Well… What about you?? Did you have a good weekend???
Please write me a comment!!!